Music Producer & Guitar Tuition

Music is an amazing way of expressing yourself. Whether you're a game developer or you want to learn to play the guitar you'll be able to find something here to help you achieve your goal. I've helped people:

  • Bring to life their game and characters in different video games
  • Helped developers with limited funds find royalty free and high-quality music that can finally fit their budget
  • Helped children and adults explore the joy of playing the guitar through rhythm games and more through 1-1 lessons.
  • Provided guitars at a low cost for parents with limited funds so they can still learn to play the guitar without the upfront cost!

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About Me

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart

Music Producer and Guitar Teacher from Tiverton

Jonathan has been composing and creating music from a young age. He has helped students and game developers alike discover the power of music and how it can help their projects and lives grow.

My Services

Feedback from Past Clients/Students.

Feedback I've received from both students and clients
  • Over the past year or so, I have had guitar lessons with Jonathan Stewart and in that time I have been extremely impressed with his patience, knowledge and friendly persona he has given throughout my lessons with him.
  • My 10 year old son has been having lessons given by Jonathan for about 12 months now. I have never come across anyone as kind, considerate, understanding or as patient and I would have no issue with recommending JStewartMusic to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

Musings of a Music Producer

Musical Resources for Game, Film and TV
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