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Hello There!

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jonathan Stewart and I’m a Music Producer, Composer and Guitar Tutor. I enjoy creating memories with melodies and can write in almost all genres that you require, and even a couple you might not have thought of.

If you’re looking for someone to bring the magic of music to your project whether video game, film or youtube video. If you have a story to tell I’m here to bring stories to life with music.

What can I provide you? Attention to detail, if you want a certain emotion at a certain second in your video then I’ll make sure it’s there. If you want your game to make people cry I’ll bring that emotion out. That’s what you get when working with me!

You Can Find Me...


I’ve got a selection of resources that are available for you to licence for use in your projects! Game Dev Market is just one of these places.


A selection of my popular resource packs are available to purchase via Steam DLC for those who own RPG Maker on Steam.


I am one of the composers for the RPG Maker website. I release a selection of resources for game developers who are looking for custom music, but are happy to share it with others.

Game Developers

Whether you’re making games for RPG Maker, Unity or Construct 2, the music in this store works for all engines. All resource packs contain looped versions that can be used in your projects. If you can’t make it work for your engine, then don’t hesitate to let me know! I’ll be sure to fix that.

Video ProducersWhether you make YouTube v-logs and are looking for subtle background music or you’re trying to make your professional intro for your video game series. I can provide you with custom audio and sound effects for all your production needs.

In addition, I also provide streaming licences for music that is created and composed on my soundcloud and website. Either way I can provide you with content that is perfect for your needs.


Need some music for the intro to your Video Stream, or perhaps something a little funky to introduce your Podcast! I can provide you with various resources at a decent budget.

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