Guitar Kit Bag – 5 Tools You Should Always Have in Your Kit Bag

There are a small selection of items that all guitarists need to have to hand at a moments notice whether you’re a novice or an experienced guitarist you’ll often find that without these tools, you’re life as a guitarist will be a little bit more tricky.

1. Strings – You should always have a packet of strings handy for your guitar – as strings can easily break. There are many different brands and types of string that you can use however my personal preference is D’Addario for Acoustic Guitar or Ernie Ball for Electric Guitar. These are  two companies that I trust and I use on my Guitars. It’s important however to choose the strings that suit your own style and preference. No matter which you choose, just make sure you always have a set with you at all times.

2. Tuner – It’s incredibly important to ensure that your instrument stays in tune at all times, this is common knowledge to all musicians however it is equally and almost more important for guitarists to have access to a tuner as they can slip out of tune relatively easily, especially when knocked or there is a change of humidity and temperature. There are many types of tuners that are available, including various apps such as the Ultimate Guitar App iPhone/Android.

Although apps are useful at a moments notice, it’s also helpful to have a physical tuner as well such as the Eno Clip on Guitar Tuner. These little tuners are really small and clip onto the end of your guitar and can easily and quickly tune your instrument up, alternatively you can use bigger tuners such as the Korg GA-1 Tuner which some guitarists swear by. It is all a matter of preference.

3. Guitar Pics + Holder – Pics are a blessing and a curse of a guitarist, they are fantastic to reduce blisters on your strumming hand when you first start playing, but also they are really really easy to lose. Seriously, I lose so many each week, I think half my maintenance cost for my guitars is replacing guitar pics I’ve lost.

To at least reduce the amount of picks lost I’d highly suggest you pick up a pick holder (pun not intended). They are really easy to find on amazon and Ebay and often can be brought with a small selection of pics. I bought mine from Amazon here and they’re stupidly cheap. So if you’re a multi-guitar user like myself you can easily purchase one for each guitar and they often have a sticky back so they can stick directly to the guitar. Hopefully reducing the chance of loosing them!

4. Guitar Strap – This is something that is incredibly useful for those who don’t like sitting down for long periods of time. A guitar strap means you don’t have to rely on having a seat whenever you want to play and as my previous post mentions about the benefits of being able to play anywhere and everywhere, the guitar strap really does help achieve that goal, whether standing or sitting a Guitar Strap makes it possible! Something as simple as this Tiger Music Strap or something a little more flashier such as this Comic Super Hero styled Strap you can play standing or sitting!

5. Capo – When you first start playing Guitar there are a lot of songs, that are within your reach, however sometimes there are songs that are in a tricky key or require you to use the dreaded “Barre Chord”. Well thankfully with a lot of songs you can use a Capo to “re-key” your guitar so that you can use simple open chords to get yourself started and with certain pieces can even make it so you can play along with your favorite tracks! Awesome right? The best ones for the job would be Trigger Capos as they are the easiest to put on and aren’t to pricey if you look around – They’re also less likely to break than the plastic ones.

These 5 items are a staple parts of any guitarists kit and should be brought as soon as possible. Although I have suggested a couple of brands which I personally use, provided that you have access to some form of each. You’ll find that your journey as a guitarist, will be a lot easier.

Have a great week and keep on playing!

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This does not however affect my opinion on these products, and are merely included for convenience and the ability to support my work further.


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