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Guitar Lessons in Tiverton

Learning guitar can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The thing is there are so many resources online that sometimes you can feel a little lost…








Designed around the pupil, not around the exams

My lessons are structured around the following principles:

  • Practical Musicianship – I focus on teaching you things you need to know to understand your instrument not to pass exams.
  • Confidence – Knowledge is only half the battle. If you’re confident in your skills, it will shine through whether you play Acoustic or Electric Guitar.
  • Having Fun – If you enjoy the lessons, you’ll pick up the guitar more even if the exercises might seem strange at first. I always aim to make them engaging and interesting.
  • Full DBS Check – I have a full advanced DBS check, which can give you full peace of mind.





Confidence Boost

The confidence you can gain from learning a new instrument and playing along with your favourite artists is one of the best feelings in the world!

Reduce Stress

Life can get incredibly stressful at times, and if you can play a couple of chords on a guitar you can then learn how to let it all out in your music.


You can play the guitar pretty much wherever you are As long as you have a guitar you can play. Whether it’s out on the street, at home or in the pub, you can play!

Boosts Creativity

No matter the style or topic of the lyrics, whether you’re singing about how your children need to be quiet, or how you saw a fantastic movie. You can choose a couple of chords…and rock out!

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