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Practical Musicianship

Most students who come to me are looking to work out their favourite songs on guitar. They just want to get out and play! My lessons are all designed around the practicalities of the instrument. 

I teach Guitar Techniques through songs that the student wants to learn. If they feel a song is to hard for them we break it down into what makes it easier. This has helped many younger students stick at playing guitar!

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Intermediate Rhythm Guitar

So you’ve got your Open Chords down, and you can play them easily, but you’re feeling apprehensive when it comes to Barre Chords, or you feel that your strumming patterns are getting a little away from you. Then my intermediate rhythm guitar lessons are for you.

I’ve helped students that have been playing for years improve on their rhythm and help them to feel more in control of their strumming and increasing their Rhythm Guitar skills!

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No matter what you want to learn, you need to know how to practice. All players beginners to advanced can learn an awful lot about the best and most efficient ways of practising. 

This information has helped my students create practice routines that keep them on target and achieving as much as they can in their time with me. Younger students in particular have thoughtfully enjoyed creating their own practice routines and find it fun rather than dull! 

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