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How it all Began

It’s amazing the power that music can impact on you, from a very young age. Music has been part of my life, whether it be listening to music in the kitchen while not doing homework or expressing the confusion of friendships as a teenager who didn’t know why people “hated him so much”.
Music has always been an outlet for my creativity.

However, as I grew older and “expectations” as a musician grew, I became rather discouraged with the industry. It was all about being the best, beating everyone else. To be better, you have to continually be better than that other musician otherwise you’ll fail.

You’ll be nothing
You will never be good enough

As a musician, although it’s important to have music knowledge it’s more important to have fun and enjoy music. If you don’t enjoy music, don’t do it.

It’s difficult to put down into words, how to define what being a musician is. Am I the best guitarist/singer/composer in the world. No, but in this small time I have in my life here, I want to share my knowledge, and experience and love of music, to help people discover who they are.  

Music is a journey to me, and it’s a chance to explore what you can do, it helps you explore and find yourself.



Here are a few comments from others who have worked with me before...
  • Over the past year or so, I have had guitar lessons with Jonathan Stewart and in that time I have been extremely impressed with his patience, knowledge and friendly persona he has given throughout my lessons with him. Whilst studying at Exeter College, I have found music technology very difficult as it was very new to me. It wasn't until a few sessions with him; working through a project on Logic Pro X that I felt in complete control of my work as I finished it with ease. So with the help and tuition of Jonathan I was able to achieve a Distinction in my coursework at college. Therefore it is with deep gratitude that I recommend Jonathan's service out there to anyone who needs it. Thanks again Jonathan, you have been a godsend! :)
    Sarah WoodisionSarah WoodisionMusician/Student
  • My 10 year old son has been having lessons given by Jonathan for about 12 months now. I have never come across anyone as kind, considerate, understanding or as patient and I would have no issue with recommending JStewartMusic to anyone wanting to learn guitar.