About Jonathan

My Journey


How it Began…

It’s amazing the power that music can impact on you, from a very young age. Music has been part of my life, whether it be listening to music in the kitchen while not doing homework or expressing the confusion of friendships as a teenager who didn’t know why people “hated him so much”.
Music has always been an outlet for my creativity.

However, as I grew older and “expectations” as a musician grew, I became rather discouraged with the industry. It was all about being the best, beating everyone else. To be better, you have to continually be better than that other musician otherwise you’ll fail.

You’ll be nothing
You will never be good enough

As a musician, although it’s important to have music knowledge it’s more important to have fun and enjoy music. If you don’t enjoy music, don’t do it.

It’s difficult to put down into words, how to define what being a musician is. Am I the best guitarist/singer/composer in the world. No, but in this small time I have in my life here, I want to share my knowledge, and experience and love of music, to help people discover who they are.  

Music is a journey to me, and it’s a chance to explore what you can do, it helps you explore and find yourself.


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