Don’t Be Scared of F Major

F major is a beginner guitarists worst nightmare. I remember when I first started, I used to avoid it like the plague. It was just…NOT THE F CHORD! Unfortunately, it’s very common chord to have in songs especially modern day music in the charts these days there is always a sneaky F chord hidden in there to ruin your day! Well, fear that chord no more because today I’m happy to introduce you to a couple of brilliant alternatives that can save your fingers in a time of need!


F/C Chord Chart

Our first simplified version of F major is my prefered alternative. Many of the other alternatives lack the lower end of the guitar and rely more on the higher notes. This chord has a more balanced range hitting the lower notes as well as higher; it also makes switching to C more straightforward as it’s a simple shuffle of two fingers!


Probably the most popular choice of all the alternatives Fmaj7 is a simple three finger chord with the 7th thrown in for a nice bit of jazzy flair, don’t worry for those who are not a fan of jazz although maj7 chords are often used in a jazz scenario. This chord can fit quite snuggly in with many genres although it can appear to lack a little bit of the lower end. It’s works 🙂


F/A Chord Chart

If you’re looking for something on the higher end of the register than F/A will give you just that a very simple three string three-note chord with A taking precedence.


Fmaj7sus2 Chord Chart

If I had mentioned this chord to you – with just its name alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if you just said: “I thought you mentioned this was going to be easy version of F, not overly complicated chords with odd names”. Thankfully for you, this chord is slightly easier to play than it is to say.

For people who enjoy fingerpicking, this is a chord you have to add to your collection and like the aforementioned F/C it fits beautifully with Cmajor – especially when fingerpicking is involved!


As you can see from above you have a great variety of alternatives to the dreaded barre F chord shape that can make it so you can easily play along with all those pesky songs with that F in with limited issues and even when you’re confident enough to use the standard, or short barre F chords these alternatives will provide you with an opportunity to add variety to your chord library!



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