Welcome to my first blog which is designed primarily for new students who are looking to start playing the guitar. This blog is designed as a resource for not only my pupils but anyone who is looking to learn where to begin with Guitar and/or Music Production. Today I’m asking a simple question. What are the benefits of learning the guitar and asking why should I learn the guitar?

Learning an instrument can be the most challenging but also an incredibly rewarding hobby for you to take up. Today I invite you to explore just a few of the benefits of learning the Guitar!

Confidence Booster!

A big benefit of learning the guitar is the boost to your confidence you gain from learning a new instrument. The first time you play along with your favourite artists is one of the best feelings in the world! Imagine hearing something on the radio, and knowing that with a little work you can pick up a guitar and play along with them!

Reduce Stress!

Life can get incredibly stressful at times, and another reason you should play the guitar if you can play a couple of chords on a guitar, you can let it all out in your music. If you’re having a rough time, you can get just through yourself into your music, strum a few chords and just play your stresses away.

Music has been proven to be a great stress reliever, and coming from a father of Twins, take it from me…Playing the guitar has helped keep me sane during the long days! 🙂

Play Everywhere

One of the significant benefits of learning the guitar over other instruments is you can play it pretty much wherever you are. If you have a guitar with you, you can play it. Whether it’s out in the street, at home or in the pub, you can play! This is one of the greatest things that a Guitar can provide, and also you can share all your new found skills with your friends, there’s nothing better than sharing music with others.

If you have friends who can also play an instrument, or can at least sing…you could even have them join in with you. Perhaps you could create a band? Y’never know… Explore your surroundings, and share music with all!

Boost Creativity

Going hand in hand with reducing stress, it also helps boost your creativity, and when you have a basic understanding of chords, you’ll have all you need to write your music so whether you’re singing about how much you wish your children would be quiet. Or how you saw a fantastic movie. You can put music to it!

Enhance Co-Ordination

Learning a new instrument enhances the part of the brain that controls motor skills. So if you partake in activities that require substantial hand-eye coordination, such as if you play sports or dance. Then pick up a guitar and start the process! It’ll help!

Sharpens Concentration

Life doesn’t seem to stop these days, and we’re always running around trying to get work completed, picking up children from school, getting homework done to a deadline running, racing, shouting, screaming, deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

Learning guitar requires you to slow right down. It needs you to slowly consider various things such as the coordination of your left hand to strum, and your right hand to create the chord shapes. It requires you to pay attention to many different aspects of music at the same time: pitch, timing, rhythm, how long you hold down the note for and more.

All these aspects of playing the guitar mean you concentrate on what you’re doing and that focus will make you even better!

Self Discipline and Perseverance

In this modern age, we’re given an awful lot of things to us straight away, and we want to watch a specific program we can just switch it on when we feel like it. We don’t have to ensure we’ve got all of our tasks done within a particular time to be able to watch that show on TV. We can just switch on catchup, and watch it when we want.

Learning a particular song or piece on guitar requires you to sit down and learn. To keep on and on, until that one bar or riff is perfect! To keep going even when you make mistakes, to know that if you keep working hard, you’ll eventually get it, and to see that it will be worth it! Once you play it to your friends and they stare in awe going: “Wow…how did you do that! That’s amazing!…Please show me!”

There are so many benefits to learning guitar; it’s almost silly not to at least try!