Egyptian Memories is the brand new RPG Maker resource pack from JStewartMusic. This is the first in a series of world themed resource packs I’ve currently got in the pipeline that will be released with Degica and RPG Maker Web.

This release contains 5 themes based around Egypt. Each track is written to give you the chance to experience everything from the haunting sounds of an Egyptian Tomb to the hustle and bustle of the local Bazaar. To make this even better this resource pack, as is all my packs royalty free. Here’s a preview of just one of the tracks that I’ve written for this resource pack:

This resource pack is now available for purchase direct from me, and from the RPG Maker website here. This resource pack will also be regularly updated by myself with additional sound effects and even soundscapes. Keep your eye on my website as well as over on my Facebook and Twitter for pack updates!